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2020 BAA Boston Marathon

April 20, 2020

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Kevin is one of the 700 reasons we run.

 "I was born into a life where I always felt 

left on the back burner.....  


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Meet Our

Team Members

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Portia Boldin 

West Bloomfield, Michigan

Portia has run many marathons, often with her running partner Michigander Kerreen Conley, including Detroit, Dublin, Paris, Toronto, Bermuda, Rome, London, Berlin, Chicago and more long with multiple full and half Ironman  competitions as well.  She learned about the Boys & Girls Club because Kerreen in a board member at her local club.  She is passionate about the mission of the Club and is grateful to be supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  To learn more about Portia or to donate click here.

Andy Boyle

Quincy, Massachusetts

Andy is a work colleague (in Newton) of one of the board members at the Club here in Newton.  Having run the Boston Marathon a few times before, he has been a steady supporter of youth activity programs in our local area.  Historic Quincy, where he lives, is a short horse ride away from the finish line in Copley Square. in the Fall of 2019.  To learn more about Andy or to donate click here.


Kerreen Conley

Bellville, Michigan

At the end of October Kerreen and running mate Portia Boldin completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  Karreen has run 15 marathons-some multiple times.  She started running as she writes “late in life” because of a pledge she made to two friends battling cancer.  Though they saw her run that first marathon, they were only with her in spirit during her future races.  Karreen is an active hands-on supporter of her local Boys & Girls Club.  As a public servant for most of her career, she is currently the popularly elected Mayor of Belleville.  To learn more about Kerreen or to donate click here.

Tori Grant

Boston, Massachusetts

Tori, who grew up in Newton, knows both Heartbreak Hill and the Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  Now living in Boston, once a year she would walk out of her home on Commonwealth Avenue and walk one block to cheer-on Boston Marathon runners at the finish line.  This year, she’ll have more than just one block to cover.  As a first-time official marathon runner (though her triathlon and half marathon experience are not to be discounted), she runs for the personal challenge and to give back to her home city.  To learn more about Tori or to donate click here.

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Chris Gray

Springfield, Virginia

Chris, just as his running partner Priscilla Jackson, has run 19 marathons including three Marine Corps, three Miami, and two in New York. As for others, running the Boston Marathon is at the top of worldwide marathon-ing.  Now is his time.  An athlete his whole life, Chris was a military kid who group up at different places throughout the world.  Everywhere his family was stationed, he found comfort, safety, and fun at the local Boys & Girls Club.  He writes, “I credit the Boys & Girls Clubs with making my transitions to new areas a lot easier.”  He is the son of a retired army Vietnam veteran and Major General.  Carrying on his family legacy, Chris served as an Army officer from 1995 to 2003.  To learn more about Chris or to donate click here.

Priscilla Jackson

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Priscilla is friends with one of our board members and, like Chris, has run 19 marathons world-wide.  Priscilla grew up in the Chicago area with 12 siblings-it was a busy household.  She credits her afterschool youth programs-such as the Y, church youth group, and other organizations-as being a major part of her development.  She writes, “I can say that (these youth groups and staff) changed my life.” The self-esteem and self-confidence, along with her athleticism, helped her receive a full women’s basketball team scholarship to Villanova University.  As the “recipient of services and mentoring from these organizations similar to the Boys & Girls Club,” she writes I must give back.  To learn more about Priscilla or to donate click here.



Antar Johnson

Silver Spring, Maryland

Antar says he is halfway to earning the rare “Six-Star Medal’ for completing all six world marathon majors.  He, as some other team members, will be running Tokyo in March 2020-a light warm up run for Boston in April.  On par with his personal running achievements, he wants to run to support the Boys & Girls Club.  He knows the impact a Club can have; he knows how important a role Club staff can play in a kid’s life.  He runs to honor his wife’s grandfather who changed kids’ lives for more than 30 years at his local Boys & Girls Club.  To learn more about Antar or to donate click here.

Frank Klug

Littleton, Colorado

Frank is a member of his local running Club.  While he has not done 19 marathons, he did make a promise to its members that he would complete the six major marathons.  He ran Chicago in 2016, Berlin in 2017, London in 2018, and most recently New York in 2019.  He is well on his way.  He was a member of his local Boys & Girls Club as a young man which in retrospect in found “constructive.”  Frank is an Iraq war veteran and is active in the veteran’s community.  To learn more about Frank or to donate click here.

Patrick Knight

Newton, Massachusetts

Patrick, along with wife Nissa and son William, are Newton residents.  In 2011 Patrick was looking for a way to make a statement about how much he cares about his community.  He wanted to “give back.”  In 2012 he became a Boston Marathon charity runner for the Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  And again in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and will run 2020.  Having generated tens of thousands of dollars for the Club and Newton kids, he is a great advocate for and passionate about our work.  Patrick is a member of the Club's board along with John Sangiolo’s wife Amy and with Steve Vazquez' wife Lisa. To learn more about Patrick or to donate click here.


Hung Richard Leung

Sham Tseng, Hong Kong (13 hours ahead of EST)

Since 2006, “Richard” has completed 42 marathons including London, Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, and New York.  That’s right, 42.  Boston is the last stop on his World Major tour.  While you may pass him during the race, this senior (as he referred to himself) will always cross the finish line.  Naturally he is active in local running clubs.  And just as team member Krisana is connected to Boston by her son attending Berklee, so is Richard who was here in June to celebrate the BU graduation of his god daughter.  Moreover, for the past three summers his medical school daughter has interned at the finest hospitals in Boston.  To learn more about Richard or to donate click here.

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Krisana PU

Maung Khon Kaen, Thailand (12 hours ahead of EST)

Most recently, Krisana ran the 2017 Berlin Marathon and the 2019 Tokyo Marathon.  The mother of two sons writes, “I would love to generate social awareness about the young generation and inspire them for better living conditions.”  Based on my phone conversation with she and her husband, Krisana cares about kids and wants them to have the best opportunities for success and security.  So when Krisana turns onto Boylston Street with the finish line in view, through all the cheering she will only hear but only one voice-that of her son, cheering above all others, who is a student at the Berklee School of Music just around the corner.  To learn more about Krisana click here.

Mike Richardson

Newton, Massachusetts

Mike has run several half marathons but never an official full-length marathon.  When his father was growing up in Worcester (about 40 miles west of Newton in Massachusetts) he “relied heavily” on the Boys Club in Worcester.  He further writes, “…it helped him grow when as a boy he lived in a fairly rough area of the city.”  Mike is committed to honoring his father to acknowledge all the opportunities he gave to Mike that his father was never able to have.  In addition (like Jeff Small) Mike wants to invest in his community and its future.  He wants to continue his investment in Newton.  That’s why he supports the Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  To learn more about Mike or to donate click here.

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John Sangiolo

Newton, Massachusetts

John, a 24 year long Newton Resident, has been a longtime supporter of the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  John has run several marathons (including Boston in 2011 and 2012) and many ultra-marathons as well.  And he qualified to run this year’s Boston Marathon.  Like team member Steve Vat.h he wants this year’s run to be for others-the kids at the Club. His wife Amy Mah Sangiolo along with Patrick Knight and Steve Vazquez’ wife Lisa are active members of the board of the Club.  To learn more about John or to donate click here.

Jeff Small

Newton, Massachusetts

Each week, Jeff runs 3-35 miles in his neighborhood along the Marathon route.  Having completed several half marathons, he says he’s now ready to run 26.2 miles in a day, to run Boston.  He writes “Running is my passion now…It’s a time for me to think, clear my head, and get alone with my thoughts.”  He likely speaks for all of our team members.  He runs to honor his wife and child and the memory of his Dad.  He runs because he loves his community in Newton.  He runs to give back by supporting his local Boys & Girls Club.  And he runs to fulfill a promise made to his father.  To learn more about Jeff or to donate click here.

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Brendan Twomey

Newton, Massachusetts

Though he has no official marathon experience, he has “unofficially” run two marathons and two half marathons.  He and his wife have recently moved to Newton and want to plant their roots here for a long time to come.  He wants to demonstrate his commitment to his city by supporting the work of the John M Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  He looks forward to getting back in a regular rhythm of training such as when he ran with his puppy about eight years ago.  He and his 9 year old (dog) look forward to again motivating each other to run.  To learn more about Brendan or to donate click here.

Steve Vath

Bow Mar, Colorado


Steve has run the last six BAA Boston Marathons.  He did so as a “qualified” runner.  Has also run New York, Pocatello, Pikes Peak, Berlin, Chicago, and Denver.  He will be the first to tell you how much running has improved the quality of his life-physically and beyond.  He has decided he’s run enough for himself.  He now wants to support a local charity while running-he wants to give to others.  As he explored recognized official charities to support, he was struck by the story of Club kid “Kevin” on our website (like to Kevin in his own words above).  He’s running for all the Kevins at the Boys & Girls Club of Newton.  To learn more about Steve or to donate  click here.

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Steve Vazquez

Newton, Massachusetts

Steve and his wife Lisa are parents of twin 5th graders who have been Club members for several years after the Vazquez family moved to Newton from California.  Steve and Lisa’s kids, Kate and Tyler, loved being at the Club.  Steve writes, “The John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton has played an instrumental role in the development of my son and daughter…I want to help it continue to be an amazing resource for the community.”  About the staff Steve writes, “The staff is so caring and professional,” he continues “I’m excited about the opportunity to give back and to raise awareness of the great things the Club offers to our community.”  Lisa (a recently appointed board member) says that it “takes a village to raise our kids and the Club plays a big part in this with our kids.”  Lisa ran last year’s Boston Marathon as a charity runner for the Club.  To learn more about Steve click here.

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