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Joe Droz     Hometown: West Caldwell, NJ – Goal: $7,500

I am a passionate and dedicated hybrid runner using my platform to empower the youth and inspire them to live a more active and fulfilling life. Through my own real-life experiences, I have built a movement that not only promotes physical fitness but also emphasizes the importance of effective communication and strong team building skills. My mission is to educate and inspire others to join me on this journey towards a better, more positive quality of life. Running has changed my life and helped build this mindset that i hope to spread along to others! Joining this organization allows me to be a part in making a difference in our youth outside of my own community.


Jeffrey Germain    Hometown: Northborough, MA – Goal: $7,500

I’m a social worker originally from Worcester, Massachusetts with more than 15 years of service assisting high risk children and families.   I enjoy spending time with family/friends, golfing/running and watching sports.   I believe in identifying your passion/skill and making that your life’s work. To help others is to help yourself.


Mohammad Hafiz Kassim Hometown: Shah Alam, Malaysia – Goal: $8,000

My name is Hafiz and I live in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Being a CFO for a pension fund, my appetite to take risk is curbed substantially. You could consider running and road cycling are my outlets.

Adrienne Koufos    Hometown: Weymouth, MA – Goal: $9,500

I am honored to be raising money for the Boys and Girls Club. As a mom of two I understand the need for children to have a fun, safe, and exciting place to grow and learn. I am excited to be making a difference in a child’s life and future.


Patrick O'Hagan    Hometown: Chestnut Hill, MA – Goal: $7,500

I live in Newton, MA with my wife who is from Argentina, our 13-year old son and daughter who are twins, and our Irish Doodle who gets all the attention.  Outside of my work as a management consultant, I enjoy running for distance (not speed!) and am very excited to run the Boston Marathon for a second time.  I believe strongly in the value of kids having a chance to learn, explore, and stretch themselves, so I am honored to run in support of the Boys & Girls Club of Newton.

Mark Ridge    Hometown: Hanover, NH – Goal: $10,000

Born and raised in Newton, Mass. Three summers at Boy's Club (Dalby St,). Retired law enforcement, served in Marine Corps Reserve, So, Weymouth, Mass.and 8 time marathon runner (Marine Corps Marathon). Ensuring, by fundraising, the continuance of Boy's and Girl's Club enjoyment, and the incredible people I met while attending, especially the recently departed Newton icon, Massimo Carrieri.



Margaret Short    Hometown: Waltham, MA – Goal: $7,500

I think of myself as an adventurous introvert ; goal-oriented, a bit shy, and very active, I decided to celebrate my 60th birthday by run my (probably) last marathon in my adopted home town.  As a single mother and a MassHealth advocate, I want to support organizations like the Boys and Girls clubs which provide safe care, good role models, and a creative learning environment for kids.  Getting to combine these two passions makes me both humble and excited to start!

Jason Smith    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA – Goal: $10,000

I'm a lifelong runner who began to escape bullies during my childhood, and it's been a defining passion ever since. Coming from a military family, the value of service before self was instilled in me from birth. I've served in the military and now continue to serve as a private citizen. Since 2017, I've run every day, transforming my life and inspiring others to prioritize their health and embrace challenges, including completing an Ironman 70.3 race. With 20 marathons, 35 half marathons, and countless miles, I consistently push my limits and inspire those around me.


Maneeratana Tangkoonsombati  Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand  – Goal: $7,500

When you finish the marathon, everything is possible. Running became a habit and changed my life forever. I come from Thailand, have my own small business of Jewelry company. I do a lot of things, scuba diving is also one of my favorite. After 10 years of diving, I have completed the PADI Dive Master. Golfing, Yoga, Trekking, Meditation, and Flower Arranging, etc.

Sara Jamison Zimmer     Hometown: Chestnut Hill, MA – Goal: $7,500

I grew up, live and teach in Newton. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my 3 year old niece (who loves to join me for “so fast” runs) and 1 year old twin niece and nephew. I am an Abbott World Major Marathon 6 Star Finisher.

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Patrick Knight, Team Captain  

A resident of Newton, in 2011 Patrick was looking for a way to make a statement about how much he cares about his community. He wanted to “give back.” In    2012 he became a Boston Marathon charity runner for the Boys & Girls Club of Newton. A feat that he would repeat in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022!. Having generated well more than $150,000 for the Club and Newton kids, he is a great advocate for and is passionate about our work. Patrick is also an officer on the Board of Directors.  You will often see Patrick running on Commonwealth Ave in the early hours.  He is an excellent resource and will be available for consultation by our team members throughout their experience.

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