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Curiosity Club is committed to providing quality childcare for children in grade K through grade 5. The objective of the program is to contribute to the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of children in an environment that is safe and nurturing. The curriculum is developed by the program’s staff and seeks to incorporate the children’s interests as well as foster the growth of each child at his/her own developmental level. Through activities that are enjoyable and enriching, the program seeks opportunities for exploring individual interests, educational enhancement, developing independence and self-confidence, and enjoying and forming friendships. Experiences that take advantage of the program’s resources; including the expertise of staff, parents, and children. The staff supports the participation of each child, so that all children may benefit as fully as possible from the program.



The curriculum at Curiosity Club is based on STEAM, and developmental needs of the children in the group. We offer a unique enrichment program that includes arts and crafts, sports, games, story time, science experiments, theme-based activities, cooking, and clubs. All of our activities are designed to offer the children stimulation in a warm, caring environment. Time is set-aside for children to do homework, play outside, and choose free choice activities. All of the activities provided at Curiosity Club are a choice. Children are encouraged to participate and try new activities but are never forced.


We think that it is important for families to make an informed decision about their participation in our program and therefore it is our pleasure to post our fee structure via the blue Rate button above..  Admission is done on a rolling first come/first serve basis so you may apply to send your child at anytime during the year to reserve a space for your child.  There is a three day per week minimum to participate in the program.  Tuition fees are based upon your child's schedule and are not adjusted for absences due to illness, holidays, weather related issues or cancellation, or any other event resulting in an absence.  Your fees are due by the end of the prior month for the following month.  Payments are subject to late fees.  Unpaid balances of more than 14 days may result in the termination of the enrollment contract.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due with the submission of this application.    


Curiosity Club has operated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020-2021 school year under the name Out of School Time Program and has maintained an excellent record of safety.  Operating under EEC and CDC Covid-19 guidelines and precautions, we provided remote school opportunities for elementary school children until their universal return to in person classes on April 5th.  We are pleased to report that zero cases of Covid-19 infection amongst children were reported during this time period.   This is a track record we are very much committed to continuing.   For a list of the policies and procedures in place at the Boys & Girls Club to help prevent the spread of infection, click the button below.