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  • Do I need to make a reservation for my child to attend the Club?
    All registerd members may visit the Club on School Days and Saturdays (Winter) whenever they would like. They can come as often as they want and may stay as long as they want. The first visit to the Boys & Girls Club is free for any child between the ages of 6 and 18. They will be issued a pass and asked to provide their home phone number for the guest list. Should they decide to continue their participation, they will be asked to join the Club at a future date. Vacation Week Programs and Summer Camp require advanced registration and additional fees.
  • How will my child be supervised at the Boys & Girls Club?
    No area of the Club will open without a qualified, adult supervisor in place to maintain safety and order. In addition to the permanent full-time staff, there are instructors, assistants, and program aides working in various areas as well. Typical staffing ratios are 25 to 1. Typical class sizes are 10-1.
  • How can the Club afford to provide so much for such an affordable fee?
    Boys & Girls Clubs are founded on the principle that when given the proper resources, children will make positive use of their leisure time. The Club is committed to providing quality childcare opportunities for children regardless of their economic background. A group of talented individuals and concerned citizens lend their time and expertise to raise our operating budget annually. While other programs pass their costs along to participants, we work hard to stay affordable to all.
  • Is this free child-care?
    With the exception of the Curiosity Club program the Boys & Girls Club does not provide EEC licensed childcare for its members. The cost of exclusively providing small group, directed activity and individual, one to one care to each member would be prohibitive to both the Club and to many of its customers. We are in the business of providing quality opportunities for change and growth for our members during the time periods when parents need us the most. However, we are not a fee-for-service based organization, and as such, we do not guarantee the staffing ratios required of a licensed day care program to members of our drop in program.
  • Can my child be asked to leave the Boys & Girls Club for disciplinary reasons?
    Our discipline policies are outlined at length under the "Policies & Procedures" section of the website. We make every effort to avoid excluding a child or limiting their participation. In the event such a step becomes necessary, you will be asked to visit the Club along with your child so that you can be provided with documentation regarding the incident and advised of the consequences. In order for a child to be removed from the Club, they must conduct themselves in a way that is dangerous to themselves, their fellow members, or to the staff. Such situations are rare, but not unheard of.
  • Does the Club provide meals for my child?
    While the Club will occasionally provide food for our members during holidays and on special occasions, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are fed at meal times. Parents are reminded to provide lunch for their elementary students on all early release days. Members who remain at the Club after 6:30PM need to have access to a meal as well.
  • When should I sign up for Summer Camp?
    Summer Camp applications are available on February 1st each year. The Club is committed to making sure that every child has a quality summer experience and those who require financial aid are invited and encouraged to apply. To be guaranteed a financial aid package for camp, the deadline to apply and to submit all supporting documentation is typically May 1st. However, any family in need is encouraged to contact us at any time.
  • Why can't the Boys & Girls Club provide transportation to my school?
    The Boys & Girls Club understands that transportation is frequently the number one barrier to Club participation. We do our best to use our vehicles and our available staff to provide transportation to as many students as possible every day. However, licensing regulations, vehicle capacity constraints, and the time limitations of school dismissal combine to limit our ability to expand our efforts. Families who would like to see public school transportation in Newton drop off at or near after-school centers such as ours, the West Suburban YMCA, The Hyde Center, the JCC and others are encouraged to contact school administrators, members of the school committee, the Mayor’s Office, or City Counselors to voice this need. It is hoped that if enough people speak up, the City of Newton might consider adding transportation routes for free or at a fee that would cover the cost.
  • What is the Club's Privacy Policy regarding the disclosure of cell phone and short message service (SMS) text information provided by member families?
    The John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club does not disclose any information to third parties for marketing or affiliate marketing purposes. Furthermore, we do not provide opt-in consent to third-party organizations.


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