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What if my family cannot afford the $125 membership fee?

The Club will never turn away a child or a family if they cannot afford the membership fee. Financial aid will be provided. Simply click the green Join the Club button. All applicants have the option to select a membership fee which best meets their family's needs. Those who need assistance can check the box to apply for financial aid and provide the necessary information to qualify for the reduced membership. After an application is submitted, any children in the immediate family may begin attending immediately.

Periodically during the year members who receive financial aid may be able to receive various types of assistance, from food assistance, emergency shopping gift cards, school supplies, and even a holiday shopping boost.  If your family is having a tough time financially, speak to any Club staff member.  They will treat your situation confidentially and you can be put on a priority list for these opportunities and more.

Why is The Club so affordable?


Our mission is to inspire and enable young people.  We believe strongly that all young people deserve access to high quality after-school programming regardless of family background, make-up, or income level. We raise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to keep fees low to even the playing field for all.

If all of our programs were pay to play, children would no longer have the freedom or the responsibility to make any of our their own choices and inevitably, some kids, and some families would be left out due to financial constraints.

We are proud of the diversity that exists among our Club members - be it economic, racial, ethnicity, and religious. We serve kids of all income levels and family types and our system gives every kid equal opportunities for growth and enrichment.

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