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The John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club's membership interface is hosted by MyClubHub in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  MyClubHub is hosted by Salesforce.  Each family has  a unique account and multiple children may be added to it.   Using this account, your membership information will autofill annually and you may update contact information whenever it changes.  You can also issue payments to the Club and upload documents relevant to your family's participation.  No more starting applications from scratch every time!

The Membership fee is $125 per family for the 2022-2023 School Year.  A high school membership can be purchased for $50.00 per year.    Financial aid is available to those who qualify and you can adjust your rate to as low as zero at the end of the process if your family is in need.  The Club will never turn away a family because they cannot afford to pay.


Click the purple link below to either sign up for or to log into your existing Salesforce account


Returning customers active after 2019 have a prexisting account with Salesforce.  if necessary, email and request to have your password reset.

New customers should click "need a log in", then enter information about the parent, then follow the link that is generated to the email that you provide to activate your new account


Once inside your Salesforce MyClubHub account, select Browse Memberships on the right hand side and select your membership option for the 2022-2023 School year.

Then select your membership price point.  Financial Aid families may choose reduced or zero


Any additional parents/guardians or children you previously registered should be attached to your account already.  Simply click on them and update any information that has changed (especially age & grade)

Click "Create New Contact" and enter contact information for parent number 2 if desired.  Select "parent" for role in household.

Click "Create New Contact" and enter the basic information for your first child. Select "child" for role in household.  Repeat for additional children


Select all of the children you will be registering for membership and click next.  

Enter child 1 specific information

If registering more than one child, click the tab for the second child's name on the list at the top left of the screen and enter their information

When finished entering all information for all children, click next


Digitally affirm all waivers for all children that you are registering, click Finish, and complete checkout by paying

Click Next

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