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At the bottom of this page, there are links to information about Covid-19 which may be helpful.


Should you need further assitance, you may email the Club directly at

Between March 12th and June 12th...

Our staff talked on the phone with more than 250 Club kids, many of them multiple times, providing our kids with comfort, companionship, and compassion and offering helpful resources to families.


We provided and delivered, in partnership with Lovin' Spoonfuls, Sandwich Works, our neighbors, and others, groceries to families-in-need to last one week.  In addition grocery gift cards were delivered that were provided by Newton Rotary and other concerned citizens.  These groceries and grocery gift cards provided meals for an average of 25 families and more than 100 people per week. 

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Members of our high school leadership group, Keystone Club, with funds they raised through charitable and entrepreneurial pursuits, provided every fighter fighter in Newton (across 6 stations) during one shift a lunch to thank them for being on the frontline and provided food to several area nursing homes. Early in the pandemic they created and distributed their own 30 second video encouraging their friends and families to "stay home" to reduce the community spread.  

Keystone Club

Keystone Club

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We designed, implemented, and led 25 virtual programs online. More than 100 children and teens participated in these programs while countless others watched on Facebook Live. 

Here are some of the highlights!

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Helpful Resources For COVID-19 Information:

Centers For Disease Control

Newton Covid-19 Fund Application

Newton Public School Food Resource Page

Mental Health Assistance (Local)

Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

A Conversation About Mental Health During Covid-19

Guidelines for Talking with Students about the Coronavirus

Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

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