Should a child need transportation to the Club beyond what the parent or guardian is able to provide, the following options are available:


2019-2020 School-Year

Horace Mann School Families


Starting in September, 2019, families from the Horace Mann school can obtain a bus pass to be used to transport your child to the Boys & Girls Club on Watertown Street in Newton. Please call the Club for more information.

Daily pick up is available at Burr, Cabot, Franklin, and Lincoln Eliot schools grades 1-5 via Boys & Girls Club owned van or contracted vehicles.


Monthly individual cost $325

Monthly sibling at same school cost $295



  • These monthly fees are fixed regardless of how many days during the month a child uses this service. 

  • An initial $200.00 deposit is due upon transportation application (click blue button) for each child which will then be credited to the child(s') first month's travel cost.  This deposit is nonrefundable.

  • Financial assistance is not available for                     transportation costs

  • To register a child for transportation, click the blue button to the right.                                                                   

For more information email