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 We encourage all members of all ages at the Club to try new arts experiences and classes. Within each program, we focus on developing physical techniques within mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and ceramics in our positivity-filled art studio, where members are always encouraged to explore their creativity and passions in and outside of the club.  

As an artist and educator, I lead with the mindset that each member at the Club is unique, and everyone experiences and creates art in their own, personal ways. I always strive to build relationships and connections through art with the members while guiding them through their own creative processes of making quality work that they’ll be forever proud of. I look forward to having a wonderful and creative year with everyone here at the Club!  

Jordan VanSavage, Arts Coordinator


Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Boys and Girls Club of Newton’s Arts page! 

We are extremely proud to offer an array of programs and creative opportunities that explore various mediums, each member’s creative interests and potential, and different artists from diverse backgrounds; all with emphasis on self-exploration, local and global community impact, and representation within the arts.

Winter Program 2
Art Programs

The Programs and activities below are available for all members while they're in the club.  Club members decide what activities interest their needs.

Available Programs

(Drop in Registration)


Music Video Making

My Inner Artist

Teen Art

Activity Blocks

(Open No Registration)

2D Creations

Identity Through Art

If parents are interested in their child participating on any of the above programming Click Here To Contact Irene

Our Virtual Gallery Is Now Open For The Public.

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